Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: The Scattered Edition

Ever have a week where everything is just completely off and you keep thinking it's the wrong day? Yesterday I thought it was Friday, only realizing early this morning that I had to go to work-which completely explains why my Thursday 13 is a day late.

Hubs is going to Calgary soon to help his daughter finish building her brand new house, so Jake and I will be on our own for a week. While the cat is away, the mice are certainly going to play! I've decided that Jake and I are still going to have loads of fun while the Hubs is off playing carpenter.

1. Buy a super cheesy, garlic and black olive veggie pizza from our favorite take and bake pizza place. Why not? There's no point in cooking for just me and Jake anyhow.

2. Go to the city for a day with Jake and shop for new glasses.

3. Go to Whole Foods for the first time and buy groceries, since I hear such rave reviews.

4. If it's raining, take Jake to Vancouver's Museum of Anthropology to look at the exhibits, since he's begged to go for years. If it's really sunny, we may choose to rent some bikes or roller blades, and see the Stanley Park Sea wall instead.

5. Visit Rockabout Gems, a cool little shop over in the Steveston corner of Richmond.

6. Watch Gilmore Girls. The TV remote is all mine, right?

7. Forget to make my bed. The whole week. Who's going to notice, anyway?

8. I'm not going to eat chicken for dinner the whole week, either. Not even once. Steak, lamb, salmon...all are fair game. (no cooking for picky eaters!)

9. Rent some chick flicks.

10. Blog into the wee hours of the morning without any guilt whatsoever.

11. Start planting my container garden.

12. Take a baking vacation. Jake and I don't really need cookies....

13. Phone Hubs every day to see how the house is coming because despite all that fun, I'll miss him.

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