Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Pamper Yourself Edition

I've been flat out sick the last couple of days! It's a nasty virus that has pretty much sucked out all my writing skills and turned them to mush. But I'm a real faithful blog writer, so here's my Thursday Thirteen of things you should do when you're sick because they might make you feel better. Heck, you don't even have to wait until you're sick!

1. Wear new pjs: Well, if not new, at least nice ones. I've been in pjs for a few days straight....

2. Have a cup of tea: I'm a coffee drinker but this morning I couldn't stomach any. My tea of choice when I'm sick is Tangerine Orange Zinger, with a bit a honey.

3. Do your nails: Some nice polish to brighten me up and make me feel pretty. I usually never have time to do my nails.

4. Watch American Idol: Since there's nothing else on, we had a great time laughing at this last night. No complicated storyline, just a bunch of weird people trying to sing. Works for me.

5. Listen to Carrie Underwood: Not just restricted to a sick day-but I get to spend more time listening to my new CDs when Hubs and Jake aren't home, and I love Carrie Underwood's new CD. In fact I'm listening to it right now.

6. Soak in a tub with a nice scrub: A friend gave me this stuff for Christmas. It's a really nice smelling, moisturizing scrub that made me feel nice and refreshed after. Mmm...loved it.

7. Read a book: My light romance novel to read while sick: Lucy Gets her Life Back. I picked it up at a Best Western Hotel in Idaho while we were on vacation. I don't usually do romance, but this is a cute story.

8. Sleep on the couch: This morning I dropped Jake off at school and then collapsed on the couch until 2 pm. In front of the fireplace with a cozy's a nice place to snooze.

9. Drink some ginger ale: We never buy pop except when we're sick, and then it's ginger ale. Of course Jake tries to down the thing even when he's NOT sick, so I have to ration it.

10. Slather with some nice smelling lotion: Coming back from skiing last week I bought Sweet Vanilla Fig lotion by Naturally Upper Canada on the ferry. It smells so amazing, and has completely cleared up my dry hands! I highly recommend it.

11. Eat some chocolate: Well, we still have some of those cookies that are up in the header. I can't resist having a few with my tea. And we DO have a few leftover Hugs....

12. Let Hubs fuss over you a bit: "Are you okay?" Hubs asked at the door to the bedroom as I was completely passed out in bed this afternoon. "I'm fine..." I mumbled back. "Just go away and let me sleep....." Lololol.

13. Don't touch the housework: Are you kidding? I did do some laundry yesterday so we'd have clothes, but other then that I'm not doing anything. The house won't implode.

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