Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Time I Won't Be Baking Brownies

"Mom! There's pot in my library book!"

Uh, right. Do you think I just fell off a turnip truck? It's probably Japanese maple leaves or something.

We had all just arrived home moments before, and Hubs and I were sitting in the den discussing our day while dinner simmered on the stove when Jake bounded into the room, book in hand.

He eagerly thrust it into my lap, and there, in amongst the herbal remedy recipes, lay a dried marijuana leaf about as big as a dinner plate. I have never seen pot before, but this was unmistakable.

"Oh. My. God. You've got to be kidding!" I snatched the book from Jake and held up the leaf. Just to be safe, I began flipping through the book.

"There's another one! And another!" More leaves, smaller then the first, fluttered from the pages one by one.

It was raining pot. From a public library book.

"Umm...I guess we should call the library, huh?"

"Well, they probably should know that their herbal remedy section has a few added bonuses."

"And what do we do with the stuff?"

"I dunno. Throw it in the garbage?"

"I'm just really thankful for one thing," Jake's brow furrowed as he paused and leaned over to examine the leaves a little more closely.

"It's really good that I didn't find those at school during silent reading. I'm not sure the principal would have understood."

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