Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sick Day

I'm home sick today. Yesterday I dragged myself to work and as I shuffled around, people would back away as if I had Ebola.

"STAY HOME," brows furrowed, they looked very concerned, I know what they were thinking.

Stay home and stay away from me so I don't get sick and infect my entire household!

Our whole house has been in various stages of illness over the past few days, and we just keep passing it back and forth because, well, we like to share. Jake usually ends up with a cough that lasts forever (thanks, asthma) and sometimes Hubs ends up in the ER. It's lovely, really.

When Jake was little he used to take it personally if I was sick, like I was just slacking off or something.

"Get up and PLAY, Mommy!"
"I need a SNACK!"
"You're in the bathroom again? Mommmeeeee....I need you!!!!"

More like, "What is wrong with you woman?! Why are you just laying on the couch?"

Being sick is bad enough, but being sick with healthy small children is a new kind of Hell that I can't say I saw coming when I decided to have children. Sometimes I used to pack Jake up and take him to the playground so he could run around and leave me alone. I'd collapse, drugged with cold medication, and lay there uninterrupted with one eye open on Jake to make sure he didn't eat dirt or something.

"Mommy, why is that lady over there sleeping and drooling all over the grass?" (not really sleeping...before I get a pile of comments on how unsafe and irresponsible that is...just trying to keep from throwing up, really.)

If it was too cold for the playground, McDonalds had a great play place....and I could ply him with fries even!

It was survival. I probably infected small children, but you know what? I didn't care. The pay off would be that Jake would then be tired, go have a nap, and then I could sleep too. My other strategies were to set him up with DVDs and snacks.

Last night while I watched American Idol, he appeared with a cup of tea.

"You don't look so good, Mom. I thought you'd want this," he offered. Hot tea, with honey, and a cookie. A chocolate cookie.

The homework and dinner chores were done without complaint, he got ready for school on time this morning , and then told me he hopes I get better soon while he patted me on the head and took off for the day.

12 year olds ROCK. Especially when you're sick.

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