Friday, February 08, 2008

Secrets of a 12 Year Old's Backpack

Jake has always been one of those kinds of kids that must carry a pile of stuff with him. Not a morning goes by where he's not stuffing some strange thing into his backpack that isn't remotely school related. In fact, his backpack is usually so bursting at the seams with extra stuff that he has to carry his books in his arms.

Here is a pretty typical day:

1-crochet needle and wool. "I find crocheting very calming," he says. Apparently during his free time he sits at his desk and works on whatever it is he's making.

2-his binder: because he has trouble with organization, this has been a life saver. He has everything-even pens, pencils, agenda, calculator (and a bonus Happy Birthday certificate from December) in it.

3-candy wrappers: Hey, I didn't buy that candy...where'd that come from?!?

4-a pine cone: Just in case he needs to ward off angry squirrels

5-a spoon: Probably from a lunch a week ago. No wonder my spoons were getting low...I'll bet there's more in his desk.

6-his digital voice recorder: Which all his written work is life saver...

7-lego: no idea. There's lego in every concieveable area of this house, his pockets, my purse, the car...why not the back pack too? The stuff multiplies in dark corners. I swear.

8-balled up piece of black tape: To practise his throwing arm, maybe? Any other guesses?

9-first aid kit: Just in case he's attacked by wild animals on the way home, I suppose.

10-library book: Boning up on the history of castles, I see. Hey by the way, that's an awesome book.

11-a very carefully crafted, old looking secret code thing on a piece of paper: Ahhh...he's plotting to take over the world. I knew it!

Not pictured: about 1/2 cup of dirt; because it's just not Jake's unless there dirt somewhere.

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