Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Love Letter for the Hubs

Last week, I had a love letter all planned out for you. It was to be your Valentine's Day card, but between the craziness of the week and the death of our old computer, it was forgotten.

This past week couldn't have been easy for you. I know how you like to curl up on the couch and have full control of the television, with the remote securely clutched in your hand. You fall asleep like a jailer holding keys to the cells, snoring loudly and yet one small movement will wake you.

It's been that way for years. You have control of the TV, but the computer is mine.

Suddenly I descended upon your peaceful evenings with demands to watch things you never usually watch. I made fun of boxing, groaned at Mythbusters, and complained about watching Daily Planet; only to eventually curl up and fall asleep myself under the mountain of blankets I hauled off the bed each evening.

"TV is so boring," I sighed every single night.

You never complained. Even when I'd stealthily remove the remote from your grasp while you snored and changed the channel to Ghost Whisperer, only to stuff the remote in the blankets and deny knowing where it was when you'd awake with a snort. Soon even I tired of the plethora of re-runs and began watching whatever you did, although I noticed that your choices began to run closer to something we would both enjoy. You even (gasp!) let me hold the remote occasionally.

I think you knew as well as I did that peace in the living room with us watching TV wasn't going to happen. I'd eventually become so starved for entertainment that I'd raid the library, or take up some expensive hobby (like the time I mail ordered $500 worth of scrap booking materials).
It was only a matter of time.

You knew this, and so you adopted Ben. Shiny, sleek, with a gynormous hard drive and the biggest screen I've ever seen, you boasted that you bought the biggest, baddest, best computer you could find. You didn't even tell me until the bill came, and then caught me in a hug and begged me not to be upset, but that you actually "added a few extras" because you thought I'd like them.

As if I'd be upset. Ha! You're kidding right?

But I admit, I did wonder if you were just paying me off.

That's okay, I don't mind. You can have the TV. Just remember one thing....

I may occasionally slip out there to steal your remote when you're snoring.

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