Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Eco Cleaner Challenge

Awhile ago, Andrea over at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl offered up a challenge:

Change the cleaning products that you regularly use to eco-friendly ones. She had a follow up post here, too.

Many of us are brand loyal, or we aren't sure if some of the more so-called "natural" cleaners work so we're hesitant to plunk down the extra cash to try them. Well, because of Andrea's challenge, the Cookie Jar ditched two cleaners that I've bought faithfully for the last 10 years and tried something new.

Attitude cleaners are a Canadian certified Eco-logo and are advertised as "Products that leave no trace on Earth or its inhabitants." The Cookie Jar decided to try the Bathroom Surface Cleaner and the All Purpose spray cleaner.

The Bathroom Surface cleaner won us over immediately. I gave it the ultimate test-scrubbing my shower, which is notoriously hard to clean. Soap scum that my other cleaner can't seem to touch came right off, much to my surprise. This isn't a product that foams up much, but who cares? It works. Not just that but I'm sensitive to strong chemical smelling cleaners, and this one has a pleasant, light citrusy odor.

The All Purpose Cleaner was used in my kitchen on counter tops, and in the bathroom on the counters and toilet. There isn't much information on the bottle to say what it's really specifically for, so I guessed. While it worked quite nicely in the bathroom, it wasn't that effective on the greasy areas in the kitchen; which could be why there is also an actual kitchen cleaner as well.

The only drawbacks we found were that at over $4 a bottle, they are more expensive then the other cleaners and somewhat hard to find in our little town.

Overall, I'd say that these products cleaned just as well, if not better, then what I using previously. However, the biggest selling factor for our family was that they do not have any dyes or an overpowering chemical smell, unlike most cleansers. For families of asthmatics and those with allergies, the light lavender and citrus scents make for much easier breathing.

I will certainly make the switch, and I'm very interested in the rest of the company's line of cleaning products.

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