Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Digital Funeral-Updated!

Unfortunately, I have sad news.

There has been a critical illness in the family and so I've been unable to blog the last few days. We are currently nursing a very sick family member, who is on life support and most likely will pass very soon.

Sam has been a part of the family for 7 years and has seen us through 4 moves and 3 communities. He rarely complained, even though we asked him to work long hours late at night, and often relied on him to do much more then his share. His bright glow will always be remembered. He spent long hours with us reading and playing solitaire. He was especially fond of blogging and digital photography. At the moment he sits frail and silent, and we are afraid to stress him should it cause his final last breaths.

However, for a computer he began to become old and out of date, and I was so demanding as his slave driver, so his demise was inevitable.

Oh. I left that part out? Yep.

The computer finally went up in a cloud of smoke. Literally.

I'm practically twitching with blog withdrawal. I have even gotten a cup of coffee and sat down just to look at the screen-isn't that sad?

The new digs will hopefully be here by the weekend, or at the very latest the middle of next week because my Hubs, being the incredible guy that he is, went out immediately and plunked down a pile of money for a very swanky, pretty machine.

"You need a computer," Hubs offered. "It's like a part of you now."

A part of me, indeed.

You could offer prayers that Sam can at least make it to the end of the week before he catches fire or something.

Better make it that I don't get caught on Hub's laptop instead. Uh...right honey?

Update: It's Friday and no computer as of yet. Thank goodness the Hollywood writer's strike is over or I'd be climbing the walls! At least it made things easier for all of us this week as Hubs and I both decided it would be our birthday gifts and even Valentine gifts too.

Keep your fingers crossed that the younger model I've left Sam for arrives this weekend! Same is technically not dead yet, but I'm afraid to turn him on lest it's too much for him. (oooo...that sounds naughty!)

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