Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm going bullety today because my poor computer is limping along, screaming, "Don't make me! I can't! I can't!" The hard drive is dying and me, being the horrible slave drive that I am, can't resist sucking every last bit of workable bit of energy out of it.

Which will completely explain things if this place is quiet for awhile, so consider yourselves warned.

-I had the worst sleep ever last night. If it wasn't Hubs coughing, it was Jake coughing. Then the hamster had to go all I'm-never-getting-off-this-wheel. Add to that the merry sound of Jake's rock tumbling machine in the laundry room eminating throughout the house, and you have me bleary eyed and watching Toby Keith music videos at 3am. It was that or infomercials. Then I had weird dreams about rice cheese, because Actifed does that to me.

-Hubs has a birthday this week. Being the kinda guy he is, he refuses that we even acknowledge it. Being the kinda wife I am, I ignore him. I've already planned a yummy dinner, and have ordered something chocolatey and delicious for dessert.

-So...ya. The computer thing. We are already eyeing new models at Best Buy and will likely make a trip to the city next weekend. Hubs never likes to get birthday gifts, so this fits into his plans perfectly. He'll call the new computer his birthday gift, even though I use it more then anyone in the house combined. It also gets him out of buying me anything for Valentine's day.

-We are considering a trip to Alberta in March. We're not sure if we can go yet, so we're not getting too excited...but it would entail me visiting a best friend I haven't seen for years, and us spending time with the adult kids of our family and all four of our grand-dogs. I have my fingers crossed!

"Something smells like it's burning..." Hubs just walked in and felt the computer. It's hot.

Umm...something tells me I'd better end this now before it blows?

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