Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 Things I have Learned From a Week Without a Computer

1. Grocery stores are really quiet at 9 am on a Saturday. Without my usual blog reading-fest, and my weekly let's-spend-all-morning-playing-with-my-blog-and-drinking-coffee, I got bored and decided to go early. Then I was all..."Oh, so THAT'S what I used to do...."

2. TV makes me fall asleep. Especially if reality shows are on, or if Hubs is watching boxing. Before the computer died I sort of scoffed at the whole writer's strike thing, not really caring because I hardly watch the thing anyway, so who cares? Let's just say that last night three shows that I enjoy were on and they were all re-runs. I even tried a whole pile of shows that I normally wouldn't give a second glance, and they all lasted about 5 minutes. Hubs usually has the control of the remote, but since I've joined him in the living room we've tried to compromise (read: I bug him until he changes it to something decent)

3. I can actually get so frustrated from not having a computer that I will dust baseboards and scrub toilets. The upside? My house is really, really clean. You probably could lick my kitchen floor. (not that you'd want to, but I'm just saying)

4. Cooking keeps me busy, but it can get out of hand. In the last 24 hours I've made 6 dozen cookies, 1 dozen muffins, a pot of chili, pot of soup, Thai chicken curry, and red pepper hummus. Our fridge can't fit anymore in it.

5. The library looks real attractive when you can't read from the Internet. I didn't even mind the fact that Jake racked up $8 in fines. Just give me a book! Please! And so when Jake found it, became interested and made off with my precious book (the little turd) I had to hunt him down and threaten to poke sticks in his eyes before he'd give it back. Mommy is just barely hanging in there, don't steal her only source of entertainment, k?

6. Hubs laptop drives me crazy. Computers are like cars, I think. We all like the radio at a different station and the seats just so, and when someone else changes these things we get annoyed. Hub's laptop is like a car that I just haven't gotten used to. It's set on a really high roll top desk and is uncomfortable to type on and when I mentioned this to him, he started laughing until I remembered....he doesn't type, he uses transcription software.

7. Even though I've played 37 games of spider solitaire on Hub's laptop because that's all he'll let me do on there besides read e-mail, I haven't gotten any better at it. In fact I think I've gotten worse.

8. I should print stuff out now and then, especially the really important stuff that I just might use now and then. Like recipes. And directions to how to sew little gift baggies. Addresses are handy too.

9. Burning computers smell really, really bad. And even though it's not technically completely dead, the very thought of it blowing up frightens me enough to stay away from it.

10. I am almost literally twitching with computer withdrawl. It's different when one takes a planned hiatus, but a forced one is frustrating. Hubs called the computer guy to find out how soon our new machine was coming. There has been a bit of a delay, because somehow the wrong monitor arrived and the guy had to send it back. "Well...I hope it gets here soon, I don't know if my wife can take much more," Hubs implored.

I am beginning to think that Hubs just wants me out of the living room so he can watch TV in peace again.

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