Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday I had a meeting.

I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'm used to being on the other side-the work side, when it comes to kids getting assistive technology. I've never been on the parent side, so for me it was a little weird. But then the coolest thing happened. I don't know if anyone else understood just how cool this was, and if I had jumped on the table and did a dance, they would've been all...see...look at the nutcase parent.

So I refrained until I got home.

"Honey....you'll never guess what happened."

"You danced on the tables?"

"No...you were signed up for something."

"I was...WHAT?"

"They needed to put someone down as responsible for Jake's Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Sorta like a techie person. Since you use it every day at work, we thought you'd be best. "

"So...I'm the techie?"

"No. Better. They listed you as the EXPERT. If they have an issue with the software, they'll call you. You also get to go to the school and TRAIN THEM. You know, you teach the teachers?"

A smile crept across Hub's face. All those years of being a little kid in school with dyslexia and being stuck in a corner, humiliated and feeling dumb. The years of fighting the misconception that someone with dyslexia can't be smart, even though if you really want to get into it, he has three university degrees and is more qualified then a lot of people. So many times years ago, he explained learning disabilities and how they affect kids (from his own personal experience), and had people treat him like he was stupid or crazy.

Oh leave the educational stuff to us, we're the professionals and you don't know what you're talking about.

I could see him relishing the irony that for once, the school system needs him to teach THEM.

Finally, they are calling HIM the expert. Can I tell you how much I wanted to just kiss everyone at that meeting table, but I knew that they would think my mug had more then tea in it?

Our eyes twinkled at each other and the words didn't have to be spoken, we both knew what the other was thinking...

He'd been the expert all along.

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