Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pajama-rama 2008

Okay, I have taken the plunge.

My first sewing project on my new machine and since I almost failed grade eight sewing....

Some flannel pajama pants!

Today I found some really nice soft baby blue flannel with the tiniest white polka dots. It screamed "buy me" and leapt from the shelf, so it was hard to ignore.

Also hard to ignore is the fact that I'm freezing at night and Hubs was laughing at my three blankets, socks, and head to toe pjs. I need something to keep me warm, people!

So Andrea's Snakefest gave me an idea....what about a pajama making challenge? Use whatever fabric you like, make them cute and inventive and we can post our progress! Model the finished pants! Compare prints and styles, and laugh at my mistakes (which there will be many) I'm sure you all know how to do this better then me.. and you can follow while I attempt to make my first pair. I don't think anyone can really have too many pairs of pajamas, anyway.

So let me know if you're in and we'll try to have them all done by Easter so we can have a pajama party, complete with prizes. Seriously! Pajama party-style prizes! Let me know in the comments if you're interested so I can link to you, and feel free to swipe the button to do your pajama posts.

Have fun!

I already washed, dried, and then ironed my fabric and was about to lay it out and cut when I noticed that the pattern I borrowed from my Textiles class looks seriously OFF. One piece is much larger then the other, and I'm worried that something is mis-labeled. Think I'll wait to cut until Monday so I can have the teacher's guidance!

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