Sunday, January 20, 2008

Linky Love

You may notice that my blog links have changed a bit. This morning I switched over to Blog rolling instead of the manual links list thing that one can have on here.

I think I got everyone, I added some new links to blogs that I've been reading for ages, and deleted some others. If you notice a link that is wrong or not working, please let me know!

Also keep in mind that I'm not finished yet so if your blog link was deleted it could be that

a) Hubs is insisting that I get dressed so we can go for a hike


b) in my scattered-like state I simply forgot it. Please remind me in the comments! Please note that to save space, I've also set it so that only 10 blogs appear at a time, randomly. So you are likely in there, even if you don't always see yourself.

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