Friday, January 04, 2008


With nasty weather outside and all three of us at home relaxing, Hubs and I decided to do what only two travel-obssessed adults could think of...

...begin to plan the Cookie Jar's 2008 multi-state summer road trip.

With maps covering the kitchen table, we debated each state, many routes, what we have already seen and would like to see again. This year we settled on returning to an old favorite, something that we had missed entirely, and a new state altogether.

After two days of deliberations (stopping only to eat and sleep), we have settled on our route. What states are we visiting this time?

New Mexico (Roswell, Carlsbad, Albequrque, White Sands National Monument, Bandera Volcano and Ice Caves, Aztec Ruins...and more!)

Arizona (Petrified Forest National Park)

Nevada (Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson City)

Utah (Moab, Salt Lake City, Canyonlands National Park)

California (Susanville, Lava Beds National Monument)

Oregon (Bend, Klamath Falls, Crater Lake National Park)

Washington (Columbia River Gorge)

Idaho (not stopping-just right on through)

Jake's request: "stop at the place where you ordered my lab glassware from so we can bring back more." (check. Shopping. Note to self: hit a JC Penny on the way home, they have good sales)

Hub's request: "go 4x4ing in a Jeep Rubicon through Canyonlands." (double check-reservations are made already and good thing, we got in just in time)

My request: (while wrapped up in an afghan, shivering, and the wind and rain howls outside) "Some place HOT."

Take a look again at those states listed. Somehow I don't think we'll have an issue with heat.

So internets, if anyone has any tips on places to see, where to stay, good restaurants, let us know! We've been everywhere on that list except New Mexico, so advice is very much appreciated.

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