Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Gym Challenge: Day Three

Today at around 2 pm I tried to rationalize why I couldn't "do" the gym today.

1. I have things to mail
2. I have something to pay
3. Umm...I'm just a bit sore
4. and you know, by the time I run the errands then it's late, dinner would be later, and maybe it's best to just go do the errands and go home and I can work out another day but not Friday because we have an appointment....


I made myself work out anyway. Somehow I just found myself in my workout clothes and my runners on, so what the hell, I may as well just go and do it, you know? I have discovered a recumbant bike thing that is all electronic and even has a fan that blows on me while I pedal.

"Hey, get moving on that recumbant bike, you look like you're about to have another rum and coke."

"Bite me, gym boy." (okay I didn't say that, but I wanted to. Instead I said something about needing one of those padded Gladiator sticks to whack him with so he'd leave me alone.)

I'm not sore though, which is a good thing. The first two days I was a tad stiff and Hubs was all "then you need to lift less or you will hurt yourself and that won't be good." So I'm following Hub's advice. I don't usually do this, since I'm a stubborn wife, but Hubs used to body build so I figure that I definately know less then he does.

I mean, he does have some "Mr. Old Guy Bodybuilder 1989" trophy.

So now I'm not stiff anymore, which is good.


At least not today. You never know what I may feel like tomorrow.

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