Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in Pictures

Jake began the year with a new chemistry set, and we tried to keep him from blowing up the kitchen. We were pretty successful....

A local bakery now knows us by name, thanks to our love for their chocolate ganache cakes. I think throughout the year we consumed FIVE of them, one for each of our birthdays and a few major holidays.

Our Sunday hikes took us on many adventures around our area. Jake and Hubs even were convinced at some point that they found gold!

Spring came and things bloomed...beautifully. I finally grew some plants that lived! (not these ones-mine were herbs, which ar hardier and more weed-like. No wonder they grew.)

Our appreciation for old cars found us drooling over some pretty specimens at car shows. I discovered that I really love taking macro pictures.

We also crazily decided to go on another multi-state, 3 week long trek through the USA. There's no shortage of fun in this family as we discovered a new favorite family pastime-4x4ing out in the desert near Moab, Utah.

Not used to being anywhere without water nearby, we also had to try out boating on the Colorado River.

The beach is another family favorite, and in the lazy days of summer we spent a lot of time digging for clams, catching crabs, and building sandcastles....

..and just enjoyed being together.

We lost some friends this year, gained new ones, and even re-discovered long lost ones. Jake learned that not all strangers are axe murderers, and some will even send you candy!

And found that no matter how small and feisty, some creatures really capture your heart, even if they keep you up all night.

We tried new crafts and hobbies-mostly trying to keep in mind that we needed to be environmentally friendly.

Because, of course, all creatures still need a home. Even the caterpillars.

Jake re-discovered his love of painting.

And we found that no matter how old we are, there's still always room for Santa.

Happy New Year!

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