Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping Frenzy

With only FIVE days til Christmas my shopping mall gave to me:
(sung to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas)

1 sore head (from being smacked by a stupid shopper with a piece of wood)

2 store returnings

3 Starbucks lattes (survival, people!)

4 ferry sailings

5 snippy sales clerks

6 children screaming

7 cards a' losing (oops. I guess it's too late now to mail those)

8 carols a'playing (over and over and over)

9 stores a' looking (for the same gift)

10 people grumbling (behind me in line)

11 full parking spaces

12 gifts bought online instead

I can't believe it's only 5 days until the big day. Just the other day I looked at the calendar and thought...FIVE? Only FIVE? Can't we just push Christmas back a week or something? Then it would work for me. This weekend we have a Christmas concert, a birthday party, a trip to the city to finish up shopping, and then it's right into Christmas. Unbelievable. I admit that I'm kicking myself for not scheduling Jake's birthday party earlier this year. Why? Well, we have a dilemma.

Coveted birthday movie experience: National Treasure 2
Settled birthday movie experience (because NT2 wasn't playing): Golden Compass
Actual movies playing on birthday because we didn't check ahead of time: Enchanted and Santa Clause

We've seen Santa Clause many times, so that one is definitely out. I'm not sure if two 12 year old boys will be interested in Enchanted, even though it looks very funny. Golden Compass ends today, and it's too late to change the birthday There's a Christmas concert tonight too.

So I guess the choices are to either go ahead with planned party and either rent videos or see Enchanted, or postpone party until National Treasure 2 comes. I'll have to inform Jake tonight.

Any reviews of Enchanted? Please tell me in the comments!

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