Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nothing That a Few Cookies Wouldn't Fix

It has been a busy week in the Cookie Jar.

Firstly, you have the Christmas thing. There's skating field trips, cookies to be baked and consumed, decorations to go up, cards to be written and sent, and bits of shopping here and there to be done.

And of course the general cleaning up and vacuuming after the tree has gone up because even though it's fake, it still drops it's fake needles on the floor.

Yesterday we went to the city and did some Christmas shopping and I did something I've never done before. During our usual stop to Purdy's for stocking stuffers, I bought Hubs his favorite, Jake something, and then threw a box of chocolate cherries in the basket for me. Every year I have hinted I wanted Purdy's chocolate cherries. I have been quite blatant about it, stopping short of practically walking around with a sign saying, "Buy Purdy's chocolate covered cherries for my stocking." No chocolate for me. Ever. Sometimes a girl just has to do it herself.

Of course the whole ride home they were bugging me to open the box so they could have some. No way!

Besides the regular shopping, we had to do some online to get Jake his more coveted Christmas gift. This involved a lot of searching the Internet, making a big list, e-mailing the company, and finally (gulp!) wiring money. Let's just had better be worth it.

Add to all that the logistics of a poinsettia fundraiser I was running, and things were a bit crazy this week. We did finally get the flowers picked up, delivered, and still have some left over to sell. I was a bit naive in my thinking that parents would actually volunteer, and it seems like the people that volunteer are always the same ones that do it over and over. Then there's the ones who call you up and complain. Gotta love that.

So my plans for today are simple-catch up on laundry, wrap gifts, write Christmas cards, go get some groceries, and bake cookies.

Everything just seems better when you've baked cookies.

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