Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas List

Hubs and I have a strange way of doing Christmas gifts. It actually started as a compromise-mostly because Hubs sees Christmas as a way to completely spoil me, yet he refuses to allow me to spoil him at all. Arguments would quickly ensue and I'd often be left feeling very un-Christmasy, indeed.

So we came up with a plan. From that year on, we'd shop together. We'd go to the stores, pick up exactly what we wanted, and still wrap them and put them under the tree. No surprises. In a lot of ways, it relieves a LOT of stress for us. Everything I get fits, everything he gets is the right fix it tool thingy. Stockings are still full of surprises, and Jake's gifts to each of us are as well so not all the suspense is missing. It works for us.

Last weekend we trekked to the city and did a little shopping. He bought tools, I bought clothes. We are planning a return trip soon and asked if there was anything else I have had my eye on lately. Being the pretty content girl I am, I couldn't come up with much, but here's MY Christmas list of things I really like:

Being more of a CD girl then an Ipod one, I always request Cd's. Hubs never gets them. I think he's scared of the music section, so this year I'm sending Jake.

My new found love of crocheting has me going into a local shop and drooling over the beautiful multicolored balls of soft yarn. The brightly colored yarn there is a scarf in progress, and the browns are being made into an afghan. Yarn! Buy me yarn! I have a newfound hobby and am not afraid to use it!

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, yet I'm seriously lacking in this department. Some dressy and yet sensible (since my only pair of heels is about 16 years old and are falling apart, and some that are just cute and fun). You can decide which is which in that picture! As a co-worker told me yesterday as she showed off some adorable lace-ups, shoes just make me HAPPY.

When I presented this list to Hubs, he looked at me like I'd been dipping into the spiked eggnog.

"Shoes? You want shoes?" Isn't there anything ELSE? Anything a little more...exciting?"

"Well, I do like this bike. Mine is completely old and falling apart, and I'd like to have a nice one to go on rides with Jake with in the summer."

"It's over $400!!"

"Well, I guess it's good then that all I really want is $50 shoes."

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