Saturday, December 29, 2007

Does it Count if Hubs Bought it?

So over Christmas, when Hubs and I stupidly ordered an inane amount of lab glassware for Jake, we forgot one thing.


We don't have a lot of it, you see. So I dutifully cleaned out my craft cupboard and surrendered the space to Jake's beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubs, and boiling flasks.

What's a girl to do with a ton of craft stuff and nowhere to put it, especially when she has a brand new sewing machine that she is just dying to use? It's a sad thing. I was completely prepared to use the 1/2 a shelf that was left in the linen closet. Gah!

Canadian Tire came through today, with a lovely rolling cart thing that was on sale for $25. Hubs snapped it up and suggested I use it as a craft trolley.

I never really realized how much crafting I actually do. That poor baby is crammed with everything from tole painting supplies to crochet wool, fabric scraps, a ridiculous amount of cross stitch thread, 1/2 finished cross stitch projects, and a pile of odds and ends. I haven't even started on the scrapbooking supplies and the Christmas craft stuff, not to mention my pictures and digital photography things.

Hmm. Just wait until I start sewing.

I just may need another one. After that shopping embargo, that is.

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