Monday, December 24, 2007


Jake's birthday party was yesterday.

Yes, yesterday.

I didn't clue into the insanity of having a birthday party mere days before Christmas until it was actually happening, and now it's Christmas Eve and I'm all "Holy shit I haven't even cleaned the bathrooms or finished buying stuff for Christmas dinner and I still have to finish getting stocking stuffers and company is coming tomorrow so I don't want them seeing a dirty house and there's a two year old so I have to babyproof too."

Oops. Little lapse in judgement there.

Fortunately, the party went well. Jake chose one friend (so I don't think it really counts as a bona fide par-tay) and they went swimming, watched a movie, decorated mini gingerbread houses, and scarfed down fetuccini alfredo and chocolate ganache cake. When I could distract them from the Nintendo DS that the friend brought, that is. Those gadgets are like crack for pre-teens.

Oh and by the way, I actually baked and constructed the gingerbread houses all by myself without throwing one! I am so proud of myself. I'll post tips and the recipe over at Recipes from the Cookie Jar for all you equally gingerbread challenged readers. I got some really wonderful tips from the Foods 10 class that I work in.

Last night amid the chaos, Hubs sauntered up to me, grinning like a cat that just swallowed a bird. Whole.

"I went and picked something up for ya this afternoon."

I whirled around to look at him-obviously totally confused. We did our shopping together, and he bought me all sorts of really nice clothes that I have already tried on, we wrapped, and are under the tree. What's this bought me something ELSE? When I obviously have no time to go and break the gift buying rules myself?!

"Hey, we're done! That's not fair!"

He grinned slyly.

"I bought you something else anyway. Let's just say it's your stocking stuffer, but it won't fit in your stocking."

Right. Last time Hubs did that, it was this and then this.

"It's bigger then a house, but smaller then a car." he grins. Dyslexic translation: Bigger then the car, smaller then the house."

I have no idea whatsoever.

Care to take a guess?

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