Friday, December 28, 2007

Because Nobody Would Believe Me Unless I Had Photographic Evidence

Update: To truly understand this post, one must read The Gingerbread Incident. I have bought the pre-fab gingerbread houses for the past 9 years because I have truly been afraid of having another incident in the house, and I don't think Jake needs therapy. Even just last year I was throwing the dough across my kitchen in frustration when I stupidly agreed to bake some for Jake's grade 6 class.

However this year I was held hostage in a Foods 10 class and forced to teach four special needs children how to make one, and in the end I figured that if they could do this, I certainly could. Plus I learned some valuable tips from the teacher, who is a gingerbread goddess. Which of course I'll share (instructions and tips here! )

See these beautiful gingerbread houses? I actually baked them from scratch, constructed them, and decorated this one. Without throwing it. Hubs was so proud!

This is Jake's house-he ate most of the candy instead of putting it on the house and was not thrilled that I ate the last skittle. Snooze and you lose, mister.

The critics were quickly silenced when they voiced their concerns about a gingerbread tree that wouldn't stay up in the front yard.

Hey, I never said that I wouldn't ever EAT it. Just THROW it.

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