Sunday, November 04, 2007

Weekly Top Five ~ Science, Technology, and Money

For those of you that follow my sidebar, you notice that I choose five things to feature/talk about/drool over once a week. No longer stuck just in the sidebar anymore, it's a full fledged post!

1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 9

For anyone who has trouble typing or who is more verbal but struggles to write things down, this software is amazing! Hubs uses it at work and has said that it is light years ahead of the previous versions-you barely have to train it, if at all! Wow! Jake uses it for school work and the stuff that he can do with it is incredible. It's a life saver for people like Hubs and Jake who are dyspraxic or dyslexic.

2. Smart Kids Inventing Things

A nine year old has created a hands-free way of raising and lowering the toilet seat, and two eight year olds came up with wedgie free underwear. Maybe I should show this to Jake, who comes up with inventions daily.

3. A High Canadian Dollar

Holy Crap! Have you looked at the Canadian Dollar lately? We are so used to crossing that border and looking at American goods while calculating exchange rates in our heads, and now our dollar is worth more? Are you kidding? Let the shopping begin! Some stores up here in the Great White North are actually offering goods at the American prices. However, that probably won't stop us from making a trip south or shopping online this Christmas, since certain items are just SO much cheaper in the States. I think Canadian retailers are really going to have to bring it to keep shoppers in Canada this year.

4. Mad Science

If you have a sciency type kid, look no further then the Mad Science after school programs to put them in! Jake has attended these sessions two years in a row and still talks about them years later. The kids get to launch rockets, make slime, and cotton candy; all while learning about cool science at the same time! Check out the website for services in your area.

5. Yes Magazine

Based out of Victoria, BC, this is Jake's favorite magazine ever! It's packed full of great science, not to mention experiments and other fun stuff. If you have younger kids, there's even a version for them too. We highly recommend it if you home school or if you have science hounds at home. Too often science appears "boring" to kids at school, but Yes Mag definately makes it fun.

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