Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekly Top Five ~ Movies Part 2

Last week I told you about some movies that we watch over and over, without getting tired of them. Even for a not-so-media-loving family like ours, it's hard to narrow them down to 10 but you know, we'll try.

1. Lord of the Rings ~ This trilogy, besides the next on the list, are probably the only movies that had me beside myself with excitement when they came out in theaters. I'm the type of person who considers nothing of a material nature worth waiting hours in line for, and the extent of my fan-dom means that I go see it at the theatre. Yep. Didn't miss any of these, even one year when I had an incredibly nasty sinus infection.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Love, love, love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. We missed the last one this summer and plan to rent it as soon as it's released. I still think the first one is the best.

3. The Matrix ~ Not really my favorite movies, but Hubs and Jake love them. I have started to enjoy them somewhat and won't leave the room to find something better to do or just change the channel. Besides, that Keanu Reeves is sorta nice to look at, you know?

4. The Mummy ~ As a kid I loved learning about Ancient Egypt, and this really is a fun movie. Jake and Hubs enjoy it, too.

5. Harry Potter ~ I don't really consider myself a Potter fan. The books are completely uninteresting to me, I could care less that Dumbledore is gay, and I resent book stores assuming that Harry Potter is the ONLY book on the planet that we'd obviously want to read. However, our family did really enjoy the "Goblet of Fire" and "Philosopher's Stone" movies. We will probably also rent the new one when it comes out.

Honorable mentions ~ Legally Blonde, Mr. Deeds, and Pretty Woman.

So there you have it. What movies does your family like to watch over the holidays?

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