Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wait...*I* Need the Maid

Quite awhile ago I referred to myself as "The List Queen". I make lists all the time. Mostly just to keep myself on track, because my brain is like a big sieve. Stuff just falls out, especially if there is a bit more then usual.

This week there is tons. Loads. So much to do, so little time to do it! I then found this blog, which I thought was a really cool idea. Cute lists! Quirky lists!

And so....here's the actual list that is on my fridge for the week. It doesn't even include picking up around the house, the real amount of laundry I do, plus helping Jake with his homework and dealing with school notices....and...even blogging!

Dinner: Spicy Roasted Chicken, rice pilaf, and veggies
make plum jam
Jake practise on Dragon Naturally speaking
finish sewing mini stockings for craft fair
meeting with Jake's teacher

Dinner: Ham and Chedder Rosti with poached eggs and salad
print out labels for plum jam
make another batch of plum jam, and one of spicy red pepper jelly
finish adding embellishments to mini stockings for craft fair
finish adding embellishments to cinnamon ornaments for craft fair
phone around about poinsettias for school fundraiser (trying to find a supplier)
pay bills

Dinner: Chicken Goulash and pasta (freezer meal)
bake and package up a six dozen cookie order
make appy for Friday's get staff get together

package up items needed to set up table for craft fair
change hamster cage
get together with fellow staff after work
Jake brings home report card

bake, label, and package up 27 dozen cookies + 1 cheesecake to donate to "cafe" at craft fair
create signage on computer with prices and logo

participate with Jake in school craft fair 9am-4pm-helping set up, clean up, sell cookies, jam, and Christmas ornaments.

Sunday evening
collapse, and never look at another cookie as long as I LIVE.

I get tired just looking at this list.

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