Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Just a little note to let you know how fantabulous I think you are. This fall has been wonderful with it's mostly dry weather, and the rain hasn't even been that excessive, either. We've had plenty of opportunities to hike amongst the beautiful fall leaves, looking at the tiny (and not so tiny) mushrooms sprouting up in the woods. The plum and blackberry harvest was especially good this year and we have no less then 15 lbs of each in our freezer.

I especially like how you do the leaves-they are my favorite. One tree down the street-you know which one I'm referring to, is so breathtaking that I can't help but stop every time I see it. You've really outdone yourself this year.

There has been some talk lately that perhaps you are losing your touch; what with the extreme weather that has been throughout the world lately. I realize that perhaps you need to get our attention sometimes to let us stupid humans know that we are making your job a little harder. So in your own way, you give us a smack upside the head. Our family was really humbled by your power this summer in Colorado as you let loose with a huge lightening storm outside of Colorado Springs, and then again when you presented us with a tornado in Rapid City, South Dakota. We won't doubt you again. Promise. We've been recycling everything we can, driving less, turning lights off after ourselves and using canvas shopping bags. We want to do our part to help you out, after all.

So, in light of that, I have a request. It's not a biggie, really. You see, I've entered this little contest that says that I have to write a post everyday. Last year I was so disappointed-I couldn't actually finish because we were hit with multiple storms and lost our electricity many times. Would you mind just holding off a bit this year? I mean, this time I have some great boots and a warm jacket, but I've been a little slow in the storm kit department, and I would REALLY like to finish NaBloPoMo this year. I know that you are busy with hurricanes and wildfires at the moment, and in all honesty this will make your job SO much easier. Really! One less thing to think of!

I'll continue to post some more really nice pictures of your handiwork while I'm at it, along with cookie recipes or baking highlights for the humans, because they seem to like that sort of thing.

Thanks so much,

Scattered Mom

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