Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bullety ~ Thanksgiving Edition

As you can tell, I have not been able to keep up with NaBloPoMo at all here. Once I missed that one day last weekend from cookie overload, I decided that I'd give myself permission to take a break.

Sometimes a girl needs to do that. This week, between parent teacher meetings, staff meetings, special ed department meetings, and other meetings, I have felt like my head would just implode. It's been a week where I have not only missed posting, but I've missed listening to messages on my answering machine and reading Jake's agenda. Oh. Really. He needs a calculator for school? Yep, I'll get soon as I make sure we all have clean underwear for the week..... ack!

We have been busy here in the Cookie Jar. So much more then I could just tell you in one post! So today we're going to be all bullety-like.

-we received news that Jake was approved to receive a SET-BC laptop for school. This is HUGE. So huge that we wanted to go out and celebrate by dancing in the street, but we settled for the kitchen. The process to get approved/selected is long, the criteria difficult, and sometimes it can take years to be selected. A teacher must make a case for the student in front of a panel and provide proof that the technology is needed.

Jake was selected on the very first try and will get a laptop in the spring to use until he graduates from high school. (cue fireworks and the Hallelujah chorus).

-We have started our Christmas shopping. At one point we were considering crossing the border and doing shopping in the States, but then we remembered the images on our TV about Black Friday. Are you people insane? Does anyone really think I'd wait for hours in a border line up to put myself in the middle of that sort of chaos? (if you know me, you know that crowds make me hyperventilate) Just watching it on TV makes me cringe!

We chose to stay home and shop online. Of course to me, online shopping isn't REAL shopping, but that's okay. Besides, I can't find the chemistry supplies that Jake is looking for anywhere else. AND, we always do a trip to the city to look at lights and get our shopping done in one day, so there's that. Hopefully this year our car will keep from falling apart en route! When we go to the city we're also going to order us all glasses, which should be interesting...but they are long overdue, especially for Jake. I noticed recently that he's taken to squinting a lot, which can't be good.

-My kid (who is turning 12 in the next month) is asking for surprisingly little this year. He has to actually wrack his brains to figure out things that he wants, which is interesting, and let me tell you, I'm so happy that he's not easily swayed by advertising and feel that he must acquire every electronic device on the planet or mounds of plastic crap that he doesn't need. (wow is that a run on sentence or WHAT?)

-chemistry set stuff (beakers, test tubes, graduated cylinders, etc)
-a watch
-Dragonology book
-books, books, books-I have to check which authors and it might come down to a gift card
-an Mp3 player...just a cheap little one is fine
-winter boots
-a calligraphy set
-art supplies
-warm gloves/hat
-tea and a nice travel mug
-good quality chocolate
-movie rental coupons
-video games for the computer
-rechargeable batteries and a memory card to use the old digital camera

...I'd have to check in with him on what else. Me? I want clothes. Shoes. Another pair of nice pjs. Knitting lessons. Other then that, I'm good.

-This weekend we have flu shots, hair cuts, and a Santa Claus parade to look forward to. Ooo! Fun! I'll post pictures. Of the parade of course, not sure you'd want flu shot pics. It's supposed to be sunny, even!

-The fundraising stuff continues, with us now hocking poinsettias..and then there's a garage sale in a few weeks, and a bottle drive after that. I'm new to this whole fundraising thing so humour me when I say that I really can't believe how much WORK it is. Too bad we just can't sell chocolate covered almonds!

-However on the plus side, all that work for last week's craft fair paid off-not just in money but I have some leftover cute ornaments that make really nice little gifties! Guess what people at work are getting? (shh...don't tell them!)

Oh, and guess what I heard? My Foods class at work will be making gingerbread houses in the next month. Hubs roared with laughed when I told him, and he asked if the teacher knew my "history" of gingerbread rage. Go HERE to read about my love/hate relationship with gingerbread houses.

Because I may make a mean chocolate chunk cookie, but gingerbread is SO NOT my specialty.

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