Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Koko, Super Hamster

When we first got Koko in September, she was a tiny ball of fluff that regarded us as something that would quite possibly eat her alive. It took awhile but now she is this bundle of hyperactive fluff that throws herself around her cage, chews on anything she can get her teeth on, and runs to the door into a waiting hand should you offer. Just don't smell like food, or she'll mistake you for lunch.

Although with her newfound cuddliness, comes a false sense of security. The other day Hubs thought he'd give her a tour of the living room and brought her out to see me. Koko, in her quest for freedom, decided to leap a full three feet from my hand to the side of the couch, and then again to the top of the couch, and again into mid air. I think she thought she could fly.

Fortunately Hubs is a good catch or we'd have a loose Hammie in the house.

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