Thursday, November 08, 2007


It's almost the weekend. I need a weekend, and not just your usual 2 days off of school weekend. This one, thankfully, is a full fledged long weekend. I am almost faint with the excitement of being able to actually sleep in for a scandalously long time, and have two cups of coffee in the morning over blogging in my pjs. Jake has been secretly plotting to snag my weekend though, and this isn't a good thing.

Jake has recently decided that he must have a social life, which entails nightly phone conversations and pleading to go out and hang with his friends every single day, in every moment of spare time. Nevermind that we actually have to work, or maybe have appointments and such, because apparently we're supposed to just schedule everything around him. Take this long weekend for example, he's already got it all planned out for himself and apparently we're supposed to just sit at home and host the minions that appear at the door for three days. Maybe serve them wine and cheese, provide an endless array of technological entertainment, and listen raptly to their farting contests.

Don't get me wrong; I love Jake's friends. I just would like to plan my own weekend, thank you very much. I want to get a haircut, pick up some deliciously cozy new slippers, and get ready for a craft fair that I'm doing a table at.

I've never participated in a craft fair, but this one benefits Jake's school, so I've agreed to do a table selling cookies and small crafts. I wasn't expecting the fair to be in two weeks so I'm madly crafting my brains out until the day arrives, upon which I'll likely just collapse in a giant, Christmas-y looking heap. know, it could be sorta fun. Cookies are most definitely going to be the main attraction, and I'll even be taking orders to do Christmas cookies. I must be crazy; I'm not only doing my own baking, but other people's? Sheesh.

So anyway we've told Jake that we haven't formulated a plan for the weekend, so don't start planning it FOR us, thank you very much.

I haven't even formulated a plan for tackling tonight's dinner dishes.

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