Sunday, November 18, 2007

Even When You Teach them the Right Words, They Make up Their Own

Jake: "So ya, I was at school and I hit my ding dong on a desk and it was really funny...but it hurt."

Me: "Ding Dong? It's called a penis."

Jake turns red and starts giggling...."Um...ya."

Me:"Say it. Peeeeeeenis. It's not a bad word. You have one. Go ahead, say it."

Jake is completely red by now, giggling some more....."NO!!"

Me:"Well you can't call it a Ding Dong. What else can you say? Kiwis? Balls? Nuts? Anything but a Ding Dong."

"Why not?" Jake is now gasping for air.

Me: "A Ding Dong is a chocolate cupcake. And that is just so wrong."

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