Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Which my Post Shows up Somewhere without my permission

If you are reading this post anywhere except on (where Notes From the Cookie Jar is syndicated) or at, IT HAS BEEN STOLEN.

As I was poking around in Technorati as I sometimes do, I noticed something from a blog called Channelab. Upon investigating, I noticed that my post "Minefield in the Toy Department" had been taken, partially reproduced, and then posted with a "submitted by Kamron Gilbert".

I have never heard of these guys, they have never asked me for permission to partially reproduce my posts, and when I tried to ask them to take it down immediately, I couldn't. There was no contact e-mail and the comment box didn't work.

If you have a blog, and especially if your blog has said anything about toys, watch out for these guys.

As I poked around through their site, I noticed I wasn't the only blogger.

Musings of a Southern Girl at Heart
The Thinking Mother
The Compass Blog
Cribs and Rantings
Jeanie in Paradise
When in Roam
Missy and Clint
Cathy Eats Her Words
Karen's Rant Page
Owl's Court

All have posts that they have written on the Channelab site-all partially reproduced, submitted by a third party, and then at the bottom is a link to the original content.

Is there anything we can do? Does anyone know how to stop these people? I don't want my content on Channelab's site-and certainly NOT without my permission or attribution. I actually went through many of their posts, looking for anyone I recognized, but it looks like a fairly new set up so I didn't see any.


Edited to take out the link to them because as one reader pointed out, I was helping them.

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