Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Taming of the Hamster

I'm not sure what I expected to happen when we brought Koko home. Maybe that she would already be friendly and come to the door of her cage, or at least regard us not as some huge thing that will EAT HER ANY SECOND, but perhaps as the bringer of food.

She regards us as the former. We come near her cage and she makes a dive under her wheel to safety, not coming back out until she's decided we're a safe distance away. The other day Jake wanted to hold her, and so we popped the wire top of the cage off and he gently scooped her up from her aspen shredding padded sanctuary.

That lasted all of 3 seconds before she made a dive from his hands worthy of Olympic atheletes and tried to make a break for it.

Fortunately, I was nearby and quickly clamped my hands down over top of her, scooped her up and deposited her back in her cage where she promptly dove back under her wheel. Her black little eyes narrowed as she glared at us.

This is going to be harder then I thought.

Forget the fact that she runs in that squeaky wheel just about ALL NIGHT LONG, with the thumpty thumpty reverberating throughout the quiet house even though she's in her own room with the door closed. Not satisfied with having a skittish and antisocial Hammy, today I bribed her to at least let me stick my hand in the cage without her running for cover-by bribing her with bits of apple. She glady accepted, even though she recoiled from my touch as though I'd just dipped my hand in something disgusting.

It looks as though this taming thing could take awhile.

Anybody have any tips?

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