Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Addition to our Family

We have a new member of the family.

Koko joined us at about 4 pm today, gnawing and shaking the little box he (she? haven't looked yet) came in all the way home. Jake was beside himself with excitement and can hardly contain himself. Every few minutes he runs into the computer room to gaze at his new baby despite strict instructions from the pet store to put Koko in a secluded spot and leave him/her alone for 24 hours.

Where did the name Koko come from? Watching the black and white ball of fluff first made us think of pandas, penguins, oreo cookies, and checkers. On the 20 minute drive home we tossed around all sorts of strange names, until Jake decided on Koko. You see, in the American Southwest the Kokopelli is a symbol of mischief and fun so it seemed like a logical choice...and we just shorten it to Koko.

So we have a very cute, tiny, black and white bundle of energy that is just tearing around Zinger's old cage like nobody's business. After having an old-ish hamster, I never realized that the young ones are equivalent to a mouse on Red Bull.

Once he/she slows down I'll post a picture!

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