Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey! There's a Dead Guy in my Chair!

I am exhausted. It seems as though I have been a little busy, and all my good intentions of home made crafts, cool desserts, and other Halloweenie things have been left to a little last minute.

Let's just say this evening I was painting paper mache spiders and hot gluing a pelvis onto a skeleton while I assisted in the production of a lovely wizard staff.

Meanwhile also I helped Hubs try to configure a digital voice recorder to chat up our computer so Jake can use it for school, I made dinner and then prepped lunches for tomorrow, was a homework assistant, and got Jake's Halloween costume all organized so the morning won't be a mad dash for the door.

I still need to finish decorating outside, although I have managed to set up a bit of our collection on the front porch; mostly spiders and a headless mummy. Jake has scheduled the pumpkin's lobotomy for 3:30 pm tomorrow afternoon.

Did I happen to mention that for the past five days I haven't been sleeping much?

The cookie jar is empty, and so is the designated muffin tupperware, but that wasn't what pushed Hubs over the edge.

Hubs: "Hey, I'm mad at you, you know."

Me: "What? What did I do?"

Hubs: "You put a dead guy in my smoking chair."

Me: "That's a hint."

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