Saturday, September 29, 2007

Power Struggle

I can hardly believe that September has already given way to October. Usually September is fraught with worry over school, parent teacher meetings and IEPs, but this year, the very last that Jake is in elementary school, has been the smoothest yet. A normal morning used to consist of me saying, "go brush your teeth.", and finding him 20 minutes later in his pjs, teeth unbrushed, building some intricate thing out of lego. "Have you brushed your teeth?"

"Teeth. Brushed. There's school today, remember? We leave in five minutes." Some days I ended up just throwing all his stuff in the car and he'd come trailing behind carrying his shoes and socks.

So far this year he's been sitting on the couch, completely ready, watching TV while I blow dry my hair. EVERY DAY. His teacher is amazing and Jake actually likes school.

It's weird. We've never had that before. EVER.

The leaves here have begun to turn, with some trees showing just a hint of red or yellow and others in full-fledged party mode. Those are my favorites; the ones that scream "Hey, look at THIS!" with their display of red, orange, yellow and green. Having one color leaves is so last season. Blackberries have long since come and gone, and right now our neighborhood is watching out for the bears that tend to wander into town and check out the fruit trees that people haven't picked clean. I personally haven't had a bear near my house, but a friend of mine had one actually come in her garage. Yep-it just slid her sliding glass door open and wandered inside. Then again she has raccoons that come right into her kitchen by sliding open the window and they check out what's in her cupboards, so somehow it doesn't surprise me all that much.

Thanksgiving is next weekend here in Canada, which is when Jake and I begin to think about Halloween and how we can get some great looking pumpkins. When he was little every Thanksgiving we'd go to this wonderful pumpkin patch with a nice field of big orange gourds rising out of the ground as far as the eye could see. We'd hop on the hay ride to see the sheep grazing and the turkeys wandering around while we sneezed and threw hay at each other and make sure to buy some freshly picked apples. Unfortunately, where we live now has no such thing as a pumpkin patch and instead, you must go to the store and pick them out of bins. However Jake and his eagle eyes spotted a "U PICK PUMPKIN" sign while we were out yesterday, so maybe we'll go check that out this week. I'm not expecting much, but it would be fun to pick them right from the patch instead of a bin at the store, you know?

The doctor called last week with my MRI results, and apparently as far as he can see, everything in my head is mostly normal. We are talking about ME here, which is why I say mostly. This is, of course, wonderful news that had us dancing around the kitchen, but on the other hand we're still trying to figure out what the heck is making me sick so I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Fortunately I've been steadily getting better, so we're on the upswing at the moment.

Yesterday Jake and I went to the pet store and we were informed that brand new baby hamsters would be arriving on Tuesday. So after work we'll go and check them out, and if they seem healthy we may get one to bring home. I asked Jake if he'd thought of any names, and he said he'd have to see the color and the personality of the hammie first. Zinger's cage sits in our kitchen, looking so sad and empty; and for some reason we still keep going and looking at it. I never thought in a million years that I'd actually miss a hamster, but I do. We've been waiting for the weather to be a little less nasty before we go bury him, so at the moment he's in a box in the cold garage. I explained to Jake that it's a little more morgue-like then the warm kitchen.

Right this minute the first winter storm of the season is blowing through our area with pounding rain and high winds (60-80 km/hr). I can hear the wind howling as I type, and a few times as I've written the lights have dimmed menacingly. Last year we had so many storms that we often lost power and had many adventures trying to keep fed and warm. After that we planned that this winter, we 'd go buy some way cool lights that only need cranking to keep them going, since candles are a) dangerous for obvious reasons, not just because Jake likes to play with them and b) Hubs has asthma that is worsened when we burn candles....but don't forget c) our power seems to go out on a regular basis in the winter. We didn't put a storm kit together over the summer, so I think we'll be doing that this month too. What will go in it? I'll show you when we get it together. In fact instead of our weekly Sunday hike today, we're going to stop by Canadian Tire and pick up one of those crank lights before they're all sold out. That's us on stormy hike, but we do go for a drive to watch the waves crashing on the shore, stop at our favorite local coffee shop for a drink, and then check out Canadian Tire. I swear Hubs and Jake would live in either Home Depot or Canadian Tire, given the chance.

How about you all? What's in your storm kit? Do you even get inclement enough weather to need one? Let me know in the comments.

That power had better not go out while I'm making cookies.

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