Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Angel Hammie

Sometime between midnight and this morning, our little hammie Zinger died in the night.

We had noticed that he was running around less and sleeping more; choosing to just sit and chew on cardboard instead of running in his wheel. His 'awake' time just seemed to get shorter and shorter. He was, after all, not a young 'un but about 2 years old-which I'm told is oldish for a Hammie.

Last night I noticed that he seemed to be in particularly bad shape; trying to come to the door of the cage like he always did to greet us, but now shaking, falling, and weaving in his effort. We gave him lots of hugs and pats, helped him get a drink of water and changed his bedding, then moved his cage to a nice warm spot.

This morning I checked and instead of seeing the gentle rise and fall of his little body, he just lay there where he had gone back to sleep and eventually died.

Jake, being all mature and scientist-like examined Zinger from head to toe, commenting on his blue lips, and how stiff he was. Then all of a sudden he was back to being a little kid and holding the ball of fluff in his hands "to warm him up." He fixed a little box complete with shavings and treats, and we nestled Zinger inside.

"Mom we gave him more fun in three months then he had probably his whole life," Jake said. For those readers who don't know, Zinger was given to us in June and we rescued him from being left at the SPCA.

The funny thing is that Zinger gave US more fun in the last three months then I had ever expected, and he had so much personality that it wasn't long before even Hubs was gently playing with him too.

"Can we go to the pet store today and look for another one?" Jake asked a few hours later.

Sure. It just wouldn't be the same without a Hammie-ham around.

Come to think of it, we have two cages.......

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