Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bullety Because Even My Brain is Tired

*A friend invited us to help ourselves from her plum tree, so Jake climbed into the tree, laughed like a maniac, and shook it. Ever been pelted with plums? They hurt. We have 15 lbs of plums ripening in various areas of the house. Jam, anyone?

*The sore, stiff, achiness that was my fingers has migrated to my toes and spread throughout my entire body. Must. sleep. constantly. I doze off on the couch at 6 pm nightly. Hubs keeps looking at me like he's afraid I'm going to expire any second. People at work keep asking if I'm okay. The only two thoughts in MY head?
1. Do I really look THAT crappy? I'm even wearing makeup and have done my hair! What wasted effort!
2. I need to go to bed. NOW.

*Illness gives you strange dreams. I dreamed something about living in a haunted house with my best friend from high school, and some weird ghosts were after us, and then the house became all weird and twisted, with hallways and ghosts and.....oh well. Too hard to explain. Let's just say I just woke up in a cold sweat with a headache.

*I had to ask my student today how to thread the damn machine in the sewing class I work in. I had forgotten. Then I 'helped' him screw up his quilting project. Oops. I've gotten to know the stitch ripper intimately....his name is Jack.

*My friends probably all think I've abandoned them because I'm too tired to read or write e-mails. The words blur together and pretty soon I'm dozing in the chair having nightmares about rabid sewing machines. Good thing that they are forgiving friends.

Okay, I'm at my daily limit now for coherent sentences. Feel free to talk amoungst yourselves, I may just snooze for a little while.

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