Thursday, August 09, 2007

Road with a View

"Are you sure about this?"

I'm eying a road, or rather, a trail descending into a canyon. We are in a rented jeep and Hubs looks at me with a grin.

"Of COURSE!" He turns the jeep and begins to navigate over the rocks and through washouts while Jake and I hang on for dear life.

"The trail is here somewhere....OH! There it is."

Our jeep climbs up through switchback trails barely big enough for the vehicle with sheer cliffs on one side, canyon walls on the other. The hot wind that is blowing has left us with chapped lips and dry throats while Jake and I have held on, knuckles white, occasionally closing our eyes when we simply can't take it and squealing in delight when a bump sends us flying. Lizards dart in front of the jeep while we bounce along and the occasional desert rodent darts into the shade.

After an entire day of bouncing here and there, hearing Hubs exclaim, "This is AWESOME!" every five minutes, winding through heart stopping trails along the rim of sheer cliffs, we hit the highway. We are dusty, drenched with sweat and achy; the jeep is filthy.

Before we know it the day is over and we are reliving it over massive ice cream cones in the cool comfort of a diner. Jake's eyes are shining as his tongue captures the sticky, cool sweetness and he smiles.

"I'm so lucky to have such adventurous parents," he grins. "That was the best day...EVER!"

I can't help but agree!

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