Sunday, August 05, 2007

Resources for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Books I have personally found helpful (or just really enjoyed)

-The Out of Sync Child and The Out of Sync Child has Fun
-Raising Your Spirited Child
-Stand Up for Your Gifted Child
-The Mislabeled Child (a bit technical, but helpful- if you get a chance to go to their seminars, GO! I highly recommend it.)
-Raising Blaze

Sites/web pages that I have found particularly helpful:

-Uniquely Gifted (has a long list of all sorts of specific special needs and corresponding articles)
-Hoagies Gifted Education Page
-All Kinds of Minds
-LD online
-Learning Disability Resource Community (Canadian site)
-Dyspraxia USA
-Dyspraxia Foundation UK

Unfortunately I have found very little regarding Dyspraxia. If anyone has any sites that they have found particularly helpful, please share! I'd be thrilled to add them. I admit that I'm shocked that there is nothing for Canadians!

Fun sensory toys/items/products
-Wikki Sticks
-Theraputty-Jake likes silly putty but this is less messy
-Koosh balls/spikey balls, therapy balls, etc. (tons here)
-This page also has a lot of really cool things...
-Klick (at this page on the bottom)-Jake loves his!
-Aromatherapy cushions (Jake would love this one, but his fits around his neck and can be heated in the microwave.
-crazy straws
-a small piece of sheepskin
-small plastic animals or toys
-band buddy toys
-pencil grips
-small stuffies
-flannel bedding (great for kids that are calmed by soft stuff)
-polar fleece blankets
-an Mp3 player

You can find many, many items even at your local dollar store. Look for things that have texture/unique feel like water filled, squish, or spiky balls, things that smell good (if your child is okay with that), or things that can be manipulated. Take your child with you...if they like it, it's probably going to be a hit.

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