Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh the Places we've Been!

"Mom, why do the license plates say "the _____state on them?" Jake was looking at the cars as they passed. I had absolutely no idea why, but suggested that we came up with our own to pass the time. Here's the results:

Washington: the traffic jam state (every time we go through it, we get stuck in traffic)

Oregon: the "I need a coffee before I fall asleep" state. (it's usually in the wee hours of the morning when we hit Oregon and we always stop at some enormous truck stop place that sells everything from gas to books on CD for coffee)

Idaho: the "I wanna Idaho spud" state (Jake loves those things and you can't get them in Canada)

Utah: the "You are NOT going down THAT state." (in honor of my near coronary over our descent into a canyon via 4x4)

Colorado: the Geographically Challenged state (read the post below and you'll know why)

South Dakota: the "Oh my god it's a tornado??" State

Montana: The nowhere to pee state (note to readers: don't drink a lot of coffee when you're driving through Montana. ) It also could be called the "spend all your remaining American money on American chocolate bars before you leave" state.

Wyoming: The "I wanna see a buffalo, but not walking down the road inches from my freaking CAR" state.

And not to leave Canada out of the picture, then you have Alberta. The "grown so fast that we are perpetually lost but Hubs won't ask for directions" province.

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