Friday, August 31, 2007

For the 20 Somethings

Twenty five year old women keep hitting on my husband. In change rooms, the store, at the mall, and the coffee shop these young things practically throw themselves at my 50 something man with wild abandon.

I'm not sure why he tells me about it, but he does.

"Honey when you were in the change room, this 20 something girl came out with a see through top on, no bra, sauntered up to me and asked my opinion."

I was at the grocery store and in the bakery a girl grabbed my ass and said I have nice buns."

"On the ferry a woman bought me a coffee, then asked me to come back to her place for dinner. I told her I need to get home to my wife and kid, but she said she didn't care. Can you believe that?"

These girls are calculating. If I'm with Hubs, they make sure I've gone to the bathroom or am distracted doing something else, so I haven't seen many woman make the moves on my husband. Not that I blame them; I think he's sexy too. Even when he's lounging around the house in his full-of-holes ancient sweats that he won't let me throw out, or when he's snoring loud enough to wake the dead. Besides, years ago I was the 20 something that actually won his heart.

That's right. I am the original "younger woman." Unfortunately even we begin to age at some point.

Back then, words like "gold digger" and "cradle robber" were thrown around by friends, family, and co-workers who thought we wouldn't last beyond a short fling. We knew they were wrong, but society pretty much deems couples who have age differences such as ours as a tad crazy.

Here we are; fifteen years later, in love more now then we even were then. My youth has given way to a little grey hair and a few wrinkles. My body, having borne his child, isn't as firm as it once was, but then, neither is his. We've both changed since those days-we've mellowed, we're older, wiser, and closer.

So girls, thanks for making my man feel special. He may notice your tight little bodies, your perky boobs, and your wrinkle free faces. He is, after all, a man. I don't expect him NOT to notice. I may even point you out to him, though he is gracious and tells me that I can compete with the best of you.

However, I have one thing you'll never have.

His heart.

picture by Coyote Jack

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