Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School

Me: "Honey, I want to make one thing crystal clear. Under NO circumstances are we SHOPPING while we're on holidays. "

Hubs: "Right. No shopping. But you know, there's no tax in Calgary."

Me: "No."

Hubs: "And things are cheaper in the States."

Me: "NO."

Hubs and I don't shop well together. His motto is grab as quick as humanly possible and run for the nearest exit, mine is more of a look-around-and-enjoy-the moment kind of shopping. Add in being on holidays and more people being dragged along and I feel like I've just entered a new kinda hell. One that has Hubs buying an 11 year old dirt loving child white pants.

Remember last year? No Freaking WAY. I love you babe, I just can't shop with you.

This year Jake and I took a day and went into the city, just the two of us. We wandered through stores that Hubs never would have had patience to look through, we snacked on sushi for lunch, and had a great time together. I am incredibly lucky that so far, he is easy to shop for. If it's soft, has camo or skulls on it, is from Old Navy or Devise, he's a happy kid. Check out this haul...

Missing from the pic are two more pairs of pants that we did break down and buy in the States....hey, I didn't say I was perfect....

Jake's very favorite shirt....which I have to add that I never would have been allowed to have as a pre-teen....

My favorite shirt because I just think it's cool.....

And at the end he decided that to thank me for buying him all that stuff, he'd get me some chocolate. With his own money, even.

"Just don't put my new shirts in the dryer and shrink them like you did last year." He smiled as he handed over the goods.

Hmmm...he sure learns quick, doesn't he?

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