Saturday, July 07, 2007

What's in Scattered Mom's grocery bag?

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Awhile ago my friend Kelly did a post on her blog about what was in her wallet. What a great idea! I mean, I have always liked those kind of posts with the "peek inside my purse/glove compartment/wallet because they are sort of fun in a nosey-ish sort of way. Me. Getting to be nosey. Without all the secrecy and guilt, because that sort of thing is just offered up freely. It's not like I'm at your house checking out your bathroom drawers to see what sort of moisturizer you use, but still it's a bit of a secret thrill, you know? Don't worry-I'll just outright ask you. Fortunately Kelly was able to give me the exact location of that post because for awhile there I just couldn't find it. You know, like my car keys. Or my purse. Today I even had to turn around and come back to the house because I'd left the stupid thing at home.

"I can't talk and try to get out the door too!" I had exclaimed to Hubs, who looked at me with utter pity. PITY!

"Maybe you're brain-damaged?" Jake offered hopefully. I do still have some residual side effects from being ill a few months back.

THANKS for that lovely vote of confidence, I feel SO much better NOW.

Anyway, since I tend to post about menus and cooking, it only makes sense that you are going to get a peek inside my grocery bag. All four environmentally friendly canvas bags. The very same bags that some clerk so kindly pointed out were from "THE COMPETITION" last week.

I typically do one shop on Saturday for the entire week. Why? Well, I don't have time throughout the week normally. It's also cheaper because then I don't 'nickle and dime' us like I would otherwise. Sometimes I get lots of veggies and fruit, sometimes I get less so that things in the house are used up before I go get some more. This week was one of those "use everything up" weeks. So what does a family of two adults and a pre-teen get for a week, anyway?

-3 jugs (4 litres/1 gallon) of 1% milk- we drink a LOT of milk. In fact I'll likely have to go buy one more before next Saturday.
-4 large loaves of 100% whole wheat bread (we also eat a lot of bread, but it's mostly Hubs)
-1 jumbo box of Honey Nut Cheerios (Jake's)
-2 boxes of Nutrigrain bars (Hubs has asked me to stop baking but eats these instead)
-coffee filters
-Lipton green tea to go (mango mandarin...mmm....this one is being stashed for our road trip)
-1 lb of margarine (for baking, which I rarely do anymore)
-block of medium chedder cheese
-1 dozen eggs
-a can of re-fried beans
-1 large can of Nabob coffee
-2 lbs strawberries
-feta cheese
-2 cans of limeade (Hub's favorite juice in the world)
-3 pack of Extra peppermint gum
-2 avocados
-1 sweet red pepper
-green leaf lettuce
-fresh mint ( whole fridge smells minty)
-chipolte flavored wraps (these look so good and I've been wanting to try them)
-1 lb (500 g) ground lamb
-1 lb (500 g) ground turkey
-2 lbs frozen chicken breasts
-1 lb frozen prawns
-800 g ham half (Hubs slices it up for sandwiches-I hate ham)
-2 lbs apricots
-sushi seaweed
-soy sauce
-4 lbs of sugar
-2 lbs of strawberries
-soy sauce
-imitation crab meat

What's on the menu?

-tacos...sorta. I'm doing them in the wraps with the beans and spiced ground turkey, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, etc.
-lamb and feta meatballs with a greek-ish salad (cukes and tomato) and some potatoes I have in the fridge
-garlic prawns with salad and rice
-chicken breast burgers

...and for lunches at home I plan to make empanadas one day, California rolls another, and there's stuff like cheese and crackers, salads, peanut butter sandwiches, etc. I don't really eat lunch when I'm at home all day, except for a few crackers and cheese with some fruit. We don't buy much of anything that is packaged or pre-made, and I just don't buy chips or other junk food. We're working hard on cutting back on the baking as well, by encouraging Jake to have a piece of fruit for desert instead. It's easier not to eat the junk when it's simply not around.

How much did all this add up to?

About $131.00 Canadian...which actually was pretty good. We will have some left overs for next week too. Yay!

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