Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Market, To Market

Yesterday we all made a trek over to the city. Hub's watch needed a new battery and we had to visit some swanky fix-it-watch-dude in order to get it fixed. Since Hubs had to work he dropped us off and we made our way by bus into the depths of downtown Vancouver.

Jake later said he was amazed at my ability to navigate downtown by finding our bus stops AND the watch guy without getting lost. In turn, I was amazed that Jake endured the crowds and the noise without running screaming for the hills.

It's amazing what New York Fries will do for a kid, isn't it?

People kept thinking we were tourists. I think it was my camera; every now and then a helpful soul would be giving us directions to the Aquabus so we'd get the 'scenic route'. Such helpful city dwellers! Who ever said that Vancouverites weren't friendly? We just nodded and didn't tell them that we visit the city so much that might as well be locals too.

After getting the watch fixed and a bus ride over the bridge, we were off to Granville Island. Here's the entrance; the Granville street bridge goes right over top of it. Beyond this is a giant farmers market, restaurants, specialty stores, an arts theatre, marina, park, you name it; it's here.

We wandered the market looking at the really pretty items, like these flowers. At the flower stall every kind of flower you could think of, in every shade, spilled out of the containers. Flower-lover heaven!

Then there's the unusual and more exotic things that you don't think you'll find. Stuff like sea asparagus, fresh lime leaves and black tomatoes. (really!) We also saw these:

Smoked Dino Bones, anyone?

We wandered the market through the crowds (yes, it was packed) while the entertainers sang in small pockets of space. People swayed with the music while they picked out tandoori chicken for supper, hand made breads piled high in baskets, or nibbled on giant buttery pastries. Tables were piled high with peaches as big as baseballs, cartons of blueberries, and every kind of fruit or veggie you could think of. Jake was so enthralled with the selection of foods and handmade crafts that he didn't know where to turn next.

Finally we decided on some sushi for lunch, which we took outside on the wharf to eat because there was just no room inside. An entertainer sang while the pigeons and sea gulls flew overhead, and small children chased the birds before they stopped to dance occasionally. The wharf was packed with people eating their lunches or just enjoying the sunshine and the music.

A man was feeding the seagulls a loaf of bread and gave some to Jake to try. The gulls would swoop in warily, desperately wanting the bread but not quite sure if they should attempt it. A few times Jake tossed the bread in the air, accidentally hitting the $2 million + yacht below that was loaded with people and waiting to leave False Creek. Oopppps!

Later we wandered through a few more shops and encountered these. What do you think they are? Customers would furrow their brow, read the sign, and start giggling. Because you know, they look a The sign reads, " It's time to make a change. Buy a Banana Guard today! Give your banana the respect it deserves."

The point is they keep your banana from getting squished in your lunch bag.

Jake began laughing so hard his eyes watered. "I thought they were for Jock straps," he gasped.


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