Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday Hike July 8th

After last week's hiking fiasco of ending up lost and going 10 km against our will, I convinced Hubs to go to a different spot. Usually Hubs is very sneaky; he likes to give me the illusion that he's allowing me to pick the hiking trail, but disregards all my suggestions and just takes us wherever he was thinking of going anyway. This time he relented and we went to a spot by the ocean that we hadn't been to in awhile.

Usually this trail is flooded because of some beavers that have made their home there, but fortunately that wasn't the case this time. It was a perfect hiking day too-sort of cloudy and cool, not too hot and not raining either. We still ended up sweaty and tired by the end, but this hike was one of the most interesting we had done in awhile.

Not just because of the beautiful ocean views, which I always love, nor the zillions of little shore crabs that scrambled around like spiders in the tidal pools, but because we saw this:

Yes, that's a snake. A LIVE snake. A kind of snake we had never seen before, eating a fish that we had also not seen before. We watched in morbid fascination as it gulped down the fish and did its best to slither off (sorta hard to slither with a giant lump in your body, you know).

If you click on my little Flickr button in the sidebar, you can see all the pics from that hike. There's crabs, boats, some way cool mushrooms, turtles, and of course the macro of the pretty flowers.

And if anyone knows what kind of snake it is, let me know. So we can avoid it in the future if it happens to be, you know, poisonous?

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