Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Bullety

*Something is eating Jake's herb garden. We have sweated, we have remembered to water, we have carefully nutured small seedlings only to have hungry things munch their way through our basil and sage plants. I'm so not impressed. Suggestions, please!

Edited to add: We later found the culprit: a little green caterpillar who won't be making it to the butterfly stage now.

*Jake has designated me his full time summer companion and playmate. Which, on one hand, is flattering because what 11 year old wants to spend every waking moment with Mom? Until I realize that yes, it's every waking moment with Mom. I am really pushing the "please phone a friend and make some arrangements before I lose my mind" thing. As much as I love my son more then anything, he has all the social tendencies of a hermit.

*This week Jake decided that fishing was his favorite pastime. That's all he has talked about. All he wants to do. He wants me to take him to this store to buy more fish gear, more bait, more..more...more. Did I mention we aren't spending ANY money because we're saving for our vacation? I need a big sign to hold up every time he asks...."Mom, can I get a..." (placard comes out of nowhere saying, "NO!!") Then it was I want to go to the pier and fish, please. In the pouring rain. We did, although HE stood in the rain and I sat in the car with a book. Have I ever told you how much I hate fishing? It ranks up there with going to the dentist and cleaning bathrooms. I read the entire novel "Running with Scissors" while he fished.

*Today I gave in to the whiningrequests and took him again; I resumed my position on a bench nearby with a good book, and he tried to fish. We watched the rain clouds slowly roll in from across the strait. In the process, Jake dropped his precious multi-tool, which did a nice bounce and then break for freedom through the slats of the pier and land in the ocean far, far below. He was crushed. This tool is a special gift from his Dad and part of a set.

*Being a complete sucker for punishment, and not wanting to end up purchasing another multi-tool one day, I offered to don my fins and wetsuit tomorrow and try to find it during low tide. I don't think the water is that deep, I may actually have a chance.

That boy is gonna owe me big.

Either that or I have just completely lost my mind.

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