Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Life is a BEACH

photo by Monkeyatlarge

Happy Fourth of July to my American Readers!

What are you doing today? Parades? BBQs? I have always thought you guys do it in style compared to us Canadians. We celebrate Canada Day, but it's never that big of a deal. Now Americans, you guys really know how to have a party.

I do admit, as I read blogs here and there I'm feeling a bit lazy guilty since I have two months at home with Jake and the rest of you are all so busy. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me summers off, and I LOVE it. Dare I write about the parks and beaches we've visited, the friends we've played with, and how I sleep in every day until at least 8 am? Will you all throw rotten fruit in my direction?

Why not take the risk? I mean, that is what's happening here in the Jar, isn't it? July is my month to re-charge, and I make the most of it before we do the big summer vacation.

Last night the rain stopped, the sun came out, and Hubs suggested we go out for dinner. we had some delicious cheesy veggie paninis out at a cafe we enjoy before we meandered home by the ocean. It was really a nice treat, since it's rare that we eat out at all. We just don't have that much selection here, to be honest.

Today a friend of mine and I are taking the kids to one of the many coves/inlets/beaches in the area. Our boys will likely frolic around through the waves, search for shells, catch shore crabs and fish, while the younger girls make sand castles. We'll snack on thick slices of watermelon, sandwiches, and strawberries before wandering home this afternoon. It's our first trip to the beach of the summer and fortunately it looks like it's going to be a nice warm day. Yay!

Tomorrow, Jake's French speaking friends are going to come with us to a different beach if the nice weather holds. Now this should be interesting...fortunately their English has improved, even though my French has not. I'd better take my French/English dictionary with me, just in case. It's our last hurrah before they go far, far away for the summer.

On Friday we have an appointment in town and then we have plans to hit the public library as well as the pet stores to see what sort of goodies we can get for our furry family member. Jake is just itching to spoil his little friend with all sorts of pet related items. On that note, I didn't ever think that hamsters were so social and friendly. Zinger runs to your hand the second you offer it, often climbing in it or gently licking your fingers. We've had a blast playing with the furry little devil every evening when he wakes up.

In the evenings, I've also delved into serious research for our summer vacation. We have been looking at all sorts of extreme sport tours like zip lining, caving, white water rafting, and 4x4ing and have been trying to decide what we'll do and what's affordable. So far our vacation is shaping up nicely and we can't wait to get going! I'm sure most wouldn't consider me an extreme sport sorta gal, but I'd surprise you.

However until then, we'll be hanging out with the seagulls and the crabs.

Pictures coming! I promise!

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