Saturday, July 21, 2007

July in Canada

I have angered the Weather Gods.

Awhile go I mentioned the heat wave going through BC and how we tough travelling Canadians could handle it. "We're just warming up" I said. Boy, was that stupid. I tempted them. And they, in their glee, have decided to punish me.

We have spent the last six days inside. Watching tv, playing on the computer, and generally going stir crazy because THIS is what our weather has been like.

Please excuse the really lame ending-I was a video virgin, and this was my first time. Jake was beside me dancing through the puddles in the driveway, only moments before screaming, "Oh my GOD, I'm so WET! It's like I've taken a shower!?!"

I'm used to rain, but this is just a bit MUCH.

It's supposed to continue until Tuesday.

If the animals start lining up two by two down the street, we're in trouble.

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