Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot Stuff

"Arizona is HOT," everyone told us last year. They were right, too. I remember stopping the car (after we accidentally left the trunk open and didn't discover it until we were flying down a highway in Phoenix) on the way to Tucson. The heat hit us in a wave as we exited the cool, air conditioned interior of the car and took our breath away.

"Oh. MY. GOD." We stopped in our tracks and looked at each other across the roof of the car. Hot wasn't the word for it. More like scorching. Stifling. Insanely hot. No wonder nobody visits Arizona in August, except us Canadians who don't know any better. At least we weren't stupid enough to do it without air conditioning like the time we went to Chico, California. I'll never forget the stop in Redding where Jake chirped to a McDonalds cashier, "We're from CANADA! And we have NO AIR CONDITIONING!" It was 105 F, and from the look she gave us I gathered she thought we had obviously baked our brains.

In Arizona however, we began to aclime to the heat. Suddenly, it wasn't so hot after all. We laughed in the face of the climbing mercury. 105 F?! HA! Anything below 100 F was cool. Montana, at 75 F, was positively freezing. Bring it on, baby...we could handle it.

This week BC is experiencing a heat wave. You have to understand something about the Coastal BC population:

-we don't have air conditioning.

-temps in the high 80s to low 90s are fleeting, and high 90s are unusual

-the humidity plays a large part in how hot it feels, and here it's pretty humid.

As people have complained about the heat, we've looked at each other with amusement. Hot? I suppose. Hot enough to catch a movie or go to the library instead of a hike. Hot enough to spend time at the beach. Hot enough to break out my shorts, eat popsicles, and run through the sprinkler.

But is it really that hot?

Today's forecast: Sunny. High 37 (98 F) except 28 (82 F)near the water.
High 29 (84 F) except 24 (75 F) near the water.

A mix of sun and cloud. High 30 (86 F) except 24 (75 F) near the water.

A mix of sun and cloud. High 29 (84 F) except 24 (75 F) near the water.

A mix of sun and cloud. High 24 (75 F).

Naaaa, I don't think so.

We're just warming up.

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