Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day in Photos

First, the parade:

Candy! Give me CANDY! Throw more CANDY! Jake loves the candy. Our trick is to sit at the very beginning of the parade, where there usually is tons of it. Some floats threw water balloons, others had silly string spraying from them, bubbles, freezies, tattoos, stickers, and of course, LOTS of candy.

The Mounties are always cool. I love their traditional uniforms. It's even cooler when they are on horseback.

Stiltwalkers are neat too. I could never do that, I'd be falling all over myself.

Next up: the hike!

During which my wonderful Husband gets us LOST and I have visions of having to survive in the wilds.

And where Jake must snag a piece of cake or it just isn't Canada Day.

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